Infographic – How Much Does a Stock Broker Make?

If you’ve ever wondered: How Much Does a Stock Broker Make?, this infographic should help answer that question.

It explains what a stock broker earns in general, the highs and lows across the country and the different elements of a practitioner’s income.

Although this career can be extremely profitable, it can also be quite challenging finding clients without proper marketing techniques.

Those who are interested in pursuing this career and want to delve a little deeper on how they’re paid, browse through the visual aid below and comment if any questions arise. Also, if the print is too small, simply click on the image and after the new page opens up, click again to view a larger version.

How Much Does a Stock Broker Make?

How Much Does a Stock Broker Make in My State?

If still asking yourself, “how much does a stock broker make in my state?” You can find that out by using this online form:

Accurate, real-time salaries for thousands of careers.

A few of the  salary reporting agencies you can find more information on are:

  • Payscale
  • Glassdoor and,

Tips to Becoming a Stock Broker

It’s important that when you’re learning how to become a stock broker, you understand whether or not the profession is a right fit for you. It is a tough road, after all, and you don’t want to accumulate any college debt for a career you’re not fully comfortable with. During your college years, you can intern at brokerage firms that’ll give you an idea of what the work will be like.


Additionally, a main quality these professionals have is salesmanship. You’ll have to research, analyze and recommend various securities or investment products to clients. Also, as mentioned in the infographic, there will be times your firm will provide incentives for referring your clients to other products or services within a firm. That’s where adequate salesmanship qualities will come in handy as you’ll most likely receive a bonus.


Finally, ethics play a huge role in your success as a stock broker. Clients will trust you with their life-savings, so not letting a poor market condition blur any ethical standards you may have is crucial. They should be able to trust the recommendations you make and always know you’re looking out for their best interest. That’s how you retain clients who suspect conflict-of-interest issues with various financial products.

How Much Does a Stock Broker Make? Infographic
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