How Much Do Stockbrokers Make in Utah

How Much Do Stockbrokers Make in Utah? Broker/dealer agents who provide knowledgeable insight to clients increase referrals and income.

How much do stockbrokers make in Utah?

Statistical information from the BLS found that the median hourly wage for securities sales persons in 2014 was $24.84.

Those in the 75th percentile earned $43.94 and 90th percentile agents received $69.63.

Below you’ll find the average stock broker salary in Utah from governmental sources as well as other pertinent information regarding this career.

So, how much do stockbrokers make in Utah?

The Average Stock Broker Salary in Utah is $51,660


average stock broker salary in utah

The Top 3 highest medians in Utah (Yearly salaries)

  • Salt Lake City, UT MSA – $57,350
  • St. George, UT MSA – $52,300
  • Ogden-Clearfield, UT MSA – $42,990

The Top lowest medians

  •  Eastern Utah BOS – $36,240
  • Logan, UT-ID MSA – $38,370

How Much Do Stockbrokers Make in Utah (Annual & Hourly Wages)

Much like other states, Utah has acceptable pay for stock brokers in certain areas, but in others not as great.

Stock broker incomes can vary due to a number of factors like competitiveness, access to high net worth communities and a firm’s payout grid.

How much do stockbrokers make in Utah:

Stock Broker Salary | Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Learn How to Become a Stockbroker in Utah

A – Education

A few initial steps to becoming a stockbroker includes receiving a college degree, seeking stock broker internships and joining a firm with a great stock broker trainee program.

Typically a degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or Economics is recommended.

B – Licensing

Also, the Series 7 and Series 63 (or 66) Licenses are required as well. For the Series 7 License, you need sponsorship from a FINRA member firm, an exchange or a self-regulatory organization. Series 63 and 66 licenses do not require sponsorship.

C – Registration

Before trading securities and offering other financial services in the state of Utah, stock brokers should seek licensing from the Utah Department of Commerce in the Division of Securities.

Form U4 must be submitted to the Division via the Central Registration Depository (CRD) with a $60 fee. The renewal fee is the same amount and will due every year on December 31st.

Average Salary for Similar Occupations

Here’s a list of other professions in the finance industry and what they make in the state of Utah:

  • Personal Financial Advisor – $61,200
  • Financial Analyst – $72,690
  • Accountants – $62,320
  • Tax Preparers – $37,450

Job Openings in Utah:

Average Stock Broker Salary Utah becoming a stockbroker How Much Do Stockbrokers Make in Utah Utah Department of Commerce in the Division of Securities
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