How Much Do Stockbrokers Make in Arkansas

How Much Do Stockbrokers Make in Arkansas? In the Fort Smith Metropolitan Statistical Area, stockbrokers earned the highest incomes at $85,470 (2014).

How much do stockbrokers make in Arkansas?

This state offers a lucrative job destination for sales representatives.

With multiple towns and cities to choose from, you can quickly look at the key facts and settle on one that seems promising for your career.

The information in this article contains employment statistics, annual salary and highest and lowest paid areas in the state.

So, how much do stockbrokers make in Arkansas?

The Average Stock Broker Salary in Arkansas is $64,680

How Much Do Stockbrokers Make in Arkansas

The Top 3 highest median (Yearly salaries)

  • Fort Smith, AR-OK MSA – $85,470
  • Memphis, TN-MS-AR MSA – $82,340
  • West Arkansas BOS – $74,500

The 3 Lowest medians 

  • Texarkana, TX-Texarkana, AR MSA – $56,960
  •  Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR-MO MSA – $60,480
  • Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, AR MSA – $62,260

How Much Do Stockbrokers Make in Arkansas

Hourly rates for registered representatives in this state for 2014 were $31,10 for median earners; $51,95 for those in the 75th percentile, and $84.58 an hour for individuals in the 90th percentile.

How much do stockbrokers make in Arkansas:

Year Employment Annual 25th percentile wage Annual median wage Annual 75th percentile wage Annual 90th percentile wage
2011 930 $40,940 $69,920 $131,100 $187,200+
2012 1,040 $42,800 $68,980 $112,700 $187,200+
2013 1,030 $48,640 $68,490 $112,730 $175,360
2014 1,180 $42,610 $64,680 $108,010 $175,920

Stock Broker Salary | Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


How to Become a Stockbroker in Arkansas

[A] – Education

There are no educational requirements from a college institution that’ll allow you to offer investment services to clients (that requires licensing). However, a degree from an accredited university will help with career placement.

Also, when pursuing a career as a sales representative in college, it’s a good idea to attend seminars, conferences and intern to increase your knowledge and experience in the field. Picking up publications like the Wall Street Journal would be helpful as well.

[B] – Licensing

After graduating college, seeking employment as a stockbroker trainee will allow you to train for the Series 7 Exam. This exam requires that you be sponsored by a FINRA – member firm, and you’ll have about 4 months till you can take the exam.

The Series 63 or 66 exam is also required in the state of Arkansas.

[C] – Registration

Finally, before soliciting clients, you must register with the state. A $75 fee is required as well as a completed Form U4. This should be sent via WebCRD (Central Registration Depository) and will allow you to lawfully operate as a broker-dealer agent.

Average Salary for Similar Careers in Arkansas

  • Advertising Sales Agents – $36,980
  • Insurance Sales Agents – $34,850
  • Real Estate Sales Agents – $31,970
  • Financial Analysts – $63,310

Available Job Openings in Arkansas:

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