Four Udemy Courses Beneficial to Stock Brokers

Udemy helps anyone learn practically anything. Students come to Udemy to learn new skills, brush up on existing skills, or to further a passion. – Eren Bali, Co-Founder of Udemy

Udemy is a learning marketplace that can be used by anyone wanting to increase in knowledge or develop a new skill.

One of the available topics is the stock market. From the courses listed below you can learn about the Series 7 Exam, fundamentals of the stock market and how to build wealth at a faster pace among other things.

They cover various elements of the market so be sure to click the links for more information.

Four Online Courses you can Attend at Udemy:

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1 – Series 7 Exam Preparation: Equity Securities

This course is specifically meant to help stock brokers pass the series 7 exam. It’s taught by a private licensing exam tutor with over ten years in the financial industry. He offers corporate training, one-on-one tutoring and an online course through Udemy.

His Series 7 Exam Preparation course has 15 lectures split up in four sections. The cost is $59 but there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy. The course covers various topics of the series 7 exam. You’ll also be given practice series 7 exam questions with an 18 minute lecture explaining those questions.

2 – The Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market

This is a free course that contains seven lectures and has a beginner skill level. There are no requirements for attending this course and you can finish it in about thirty-five minutes. Video lessons are not long, but they still provide a lot of crucial information.

These lessons are learned in the order of their difficulty and their importance. You’ll be able to properly understand the Stock Market and have enough knowledge about it to begin discussing it with other people. These are some of the lessons: Introduction to a Stock, Types of Stocks, or Changing Stock Prices.

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3 – Foundations of Stock Market

You’ll get nine lectures in this course, under five different modules, for all skill levels. Anyone can learn from this course: beginners, intermediates and professionals. The total time duration of the course is 3 hours. Those who attend the course will learn key terms related to the market, what causes the market to shift and how to predict future shifts. You’ll also learn the various ways you can make money from the stock market.

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4 – Stock Market Millionaire Blueprint

This course targets people who are already familiar with stock market trading, but it also deals with the basics. It has sixteen lectures and a one hour video. There are already hundreds of attendants satisfied and the course has proven to be revolutionary. It’s a tad more indepth with more lectures than the previous two so will cost $250 for lifetime access.

If you want to forget about high risk trading platforms like Forex, this is the course you should choose. You’ll learn the following: strategy basics, finding the best stocks to trade, adjusting your charts for accurate entry points, protecting your trades, turn a losing trade into a winning trade, etc.

Bottom Line

One of the best things about Udemy courses is that you can attend them no matter where you are, at any time, even from your mobile phone. Udemy creates a connection between social media and online learning and this makes it better than most tutorial services that can be found on the Internet.

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