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Income Disclosure

Please be aware that although the aim of this site is to provide the best information to its intended audience, the owner does receive income for promoting different companies by the use of links, banners and online forms.

Financial Advice Disclaimer

From time to time this site will feature posts related to various investment strategies. The purpose of such articles is to provide information, and perhaps entertainment, to the reader and in no way is meant to persuade any visitor to invest in a certain way. It’s important to do your own research when implementing any investment strategy mentioned on this website or anywhere.

Methods of Compensation

You’ll find articles describing various services of certain companies with either a link or banner in the content or sidebar. Those are companies that have an affiliate relationship with this site and so income is generated as a result of any leads sent from the site.

Some of this site’s affiliates/advertisers will pay the owner if a visitor clicks on a link or banner and purchases an item. And others will pay for anyone who clicks a link or banner on the site and performs a task (like signs-up for an account). Still, others will pay simply for any visitors clicking on links. Please assume that every link on this site provides some sort of monetary benefit to the site owner.

Do Your Own Research

Despite any monetary benefit the owner of this website receives, the articles are purely meant to help those interested in the stock broker career. And the information is accurate to the best of the owner’s knowledge. However, it’s important to do your own research especially when it comes to any product or service mentioned here. Also do your research when it comes to which career you’d like to pursue and how you’d like to pursue it.

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