How to Create an Appealing Stock Broker Resume

A Stock Broker resume should be like a billboard. The better it looks, the higher the chances of it capturing the audience’s attention and invoking them to take action.

This being the case, it’s important that you practice writing a resume that’s both appealing and captivating.

If properly done, you’ll be surprised by the number of companies willing to hire you.

So how should one go about creating an appealing stock broker resume? Here are a few tips:

Creating an Appealing Stock Broker Resume

Stock Broker Resume

A) Clearly State your Qualifications:

Just like in writing other resumes, you should clearly state your qualifications and accomplishments on your stock broker resume. However, these qualifications ought to correlate with the job description.

Some of the qualifications you need to highlight include:

  • Your past experience in performing a variety of analytical assessments such as financial and technical analysis
  • Identifying rising stocks/securities
  • Your excellence in attracting clientele and,
  • Your salesmanship and ability to offer financial products suitable for clientele in a way that’s within ethical and regulatory standards.

Doing so will give your prospective employer confidence that you’re more than capable of taking up the job.

Sidenote: It’s likely any future employer will research your history using FINRA’s BrokerCheck.

B) Mention your Education Background:

For a stock broker resume to appear appealing enough, it should have a summary of your credentials.

Basically, this should include designations/licenses that you currently hold, training courses that you’ve already completed and any that you may still be pursuing.

Above all, cite the exact field of those courses; it’s highly advisable that you emphasize more on the courses that correlate with the position you’re applying for.

Find Available Jobs Below:

C) Don’t Overdo it with Bland Text:

Of course you need text to explain what type of associate you’ll be, however, it’s good to use bulleted lists, headings and other formatting to improve the visual appeal of your resume.

You can even include a professional photo and an alternative font color for headings which will add a nice visual element to the copy.

D) Adopt a Professional Stock Broker Resume Template:

To offer the best presentation of your resume, adopt a professional resume template that’s specifically designed for financial professionals.

Not only will this template make it easier for you to organize your professional profile but, it’ll also save on time. These templates are available for free on various online platforms.

Here are a few free templates from Hloom:
(Click the images to view a larger version)

198-Boast resume

234-Vibrant resume

275-Technical-Special resume

In essence, creating an appealing stock broker resume will help you get your foot in the door.

Thus, it can be concluded that an ideal resume ought to portray these qualities:

  • One’s technical and analytical excellence in the field (work experience),
  • Educational background,
  • Well written (no grammatical errors) and visually appealing,
  • Be presented in a well organized and nicely formatted stock broker’s resume template.

Following these simple steps on your stock broker resume will produce great results in the job hunt.

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